Weather seals and brush seals are an integral part of an airplane hangar door system. Properly weatherstripped hangar doors ensure the rain, snow, sand and birds are kept out of your hangars and away from your airplane.

By replacing your old, worn out seals and weatherstripping a door, you can save thousands of dollars in reduced energy bills, and improve the appearance of your facility.

JaCor Weather Seals for your aircraft hangar door, garage door, entrance door, barn door, industrial door or your special application!

Rolling, Folding or Sliding
Hangar Door Systems

We offer the highest quality nylon reinforced neoprene rubber seals with excellent weathering properties. Our professionally trained crew specializes in aircraft hangar door weatherstripping installation and replacement on your bifold hangar door, sliding hangar doors, and rolling hangar doors by any manufacturer.

Weatherseals Close Gaps
Around All Types of Doors

Brush Weatherseals close gaps around all types of doors, ranging from home entrance doors to large industrial overhead doors, barn doors and aircraft hanger doors. Brush Weatherseal conforms to irregular surfaces to provide the most effective seal possible. Brush weatherseals consists of thousands of filaments that form a solid wall that closes gaps with a complete weather-tight seal without impairing door movement. Our weatherseal brush products from the finest nylon and polypropylene filament materials and our holders are made from sturdy extruded aluminum in a variety of finishes. Our products are available in kit form or in stock lengths. Non-stock lengths, brush trim and mounting holes can be provided to your specifications. Our weatherseal products are easy to install, durable and provide a quick pay-back in energy savings?