Brush Seals for Barn Doors 

Brush Weatherseals close gaps around all types of barn doors.  Brush Weatherseal conforms to irregular surfaces to provide the most effective seal possible. Brush weatherseals consists of thousands of filaments that form a solid wall that closes gaps with a complete weather-tight seal without impairing door movement. Our weatherseal brush products from the finest nylon and polypropylene filament materials and our holders are made from sturdy extruded aluminum in a variety of finishes. Our products are available in 8' stock lengths. Our weatherseal products are easy to install, durable and provide a quick pay-back in energy savings and keeps rodents and birds out.Barn Door Brush Seals

Installation Video:

Location A: Top Brush Seal

Barn Door Top Brush Seal

  •  Close off the top gap across your barn door
  •  Medium or Heavy-Duty Brush Seals in 1.5" to 5" Lengths
  •  45 deg.holder recommend across the top (180 works too)
  •  Pre-punched holes at 11" centers for fastening
  •  Click for a Brush Seal Install Guide


Location B: Side Brush Seal

Barn Door Side Brush Seal

  • Brush conforms to any surface for a weather tight seal
  • Straight Holder recommend for easy door movement
  • Brush seals won't leave marks on your door

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