1/8" and 3/16" Thickness  Lengths from 5' to 60'


Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Brush Seals

Brush Seals: Heavy and Medium Duty

Heavy-duty Brush Seal, 180degree Aluminum Holder

Heavy-duty Nylon Brush Seal - DOUBLE thickness of our Med-duty: Our durable, and high-quality nylon filament has excellent abrasion resistance, abrasion recovery, and remains flexible and effective even down to 70°F below zero! Rugged aluminum holders, in a clear finish, securely hold the nylon filament. Heavy-Duty comes in a crimped nylon filament with brush lengths from 1.5" to 5" long with a straight holder and 8ft lengths to fit your application.

Medium-duty Brush Seal, 180degree Aluminum Holder


Medium-Duty Nylon Brush Seal: Nylon brush has excellent abrasion resistance, bend recovery, and is ideal for both wet and dry enviorments. Medium-duty Brush comes in crimped Nylon filament with filament lengths from 1.5" to 4" long with a straight holder and 4ft and 8ft lengths to fit your application. 


Weather Seals: Nylon-Inserted Neoprene

Weather SealsOur nylon-Inserted neoprene is the industry gold-standard to effectively seal bottom-rolling, bifold, and hydraulic doors.  Our weather seals are 3-ply commercial grade neoprene inserted with 2-ply nylon reinforced mesh.  This material has excellent physical properties and weather resistance with a clean look to boot.  1/8" material is typically used along the top and bottom of bifold and hydraulic doors, for vertical gaps of 2.5" or less and tear drop shapes.  3/16" material is typically used for gaps in excess of 2.5" and in areas where greater protection is needed.

Weather Seals Accessories:

Galvanized Seal Retainers

Galvanized Seal Retainers: 16-gauge Galvanized steel retainers are specifically designed and fabricated to securely hold our weather seals in place.   58” long retainers are made from weather resistant galvanized steel and pre-punched 14”' on center to accept our Tek#3 or Tek#5 fasteners.  Retainers have a beveled angle detail to flash off the weather seal for a high-end finish.


Tek Fasteners

Tek Fasteners: Tek fasteners are a self-drilling and self-tapping engineered for fast drilling and smooth tapping with less effort.  Tek Fasteners come in #3 for fastening to light gauge material and #5 for fastening to structural steel material.  A Climasel finish provides excellent corrosion resistance and lower tapping torque. 

Weather Seal Double Back Tape

Double-Sided Installation Tape: Make the weather seal installation more efficient with aggressive double sided polyester acrylic tape.  This tape provides superior bonding strength to hold the seals in place while attaching our galvanized steel retainers.


Foam Compression Seal


Foam Compression Seal: Closed Cell Foam tapes are specification grade, firm density and black in color.  This foam tape feature a high-tack, rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with a quick release liner.  This easy to use compression tape provides an excellent seal on the vertical edges of bi-fold and hydraulic doors.