JaCor Titan Drive System

JaCor Titan Drive System

Electrical Control Panel and Pendant

  • Handheld Pendant with "Constant Contact" pushbuttons - OPEN, CLOSE, Slow OPEN, Slow CLOSE (limit switch override)
  • Battery Backup - In a power outage, the internal battery provides power to open/close the door multiple times.  A built-in trickle charger ensures the battery is always charged.  
  • Univerdal Single Phase Input - The operator accepts any voltage from 100-240
  • LED Display facilitates Speed, Accel, and Decel

2HP - 5HP Electric Operator

  • High Torque 2HP - 5HP DC motor provides instant torque 
  • Pneumatic tire provides consistant reliable traction to move the door system
  • Operator cover, wheel guard and steel components are powder coated for a durable and long lasting finish

Electrical Components

  • Pulsating audio/ visual alarm signaling the door movement
  • Mechanical open/ close limit switch stops the door in the desired position
  • Festooned SO power cable with loop clamps to hold the cable securely in place

Additional Safety Featrures and Components

  • Leading and Trailing electric safety edge
  • Personnel door electrical interlock - Stops door movement if p-door is open
  • Overhead Trolley Duct System- Replaces festooned power cable 
  • ‚ÄčAutomatic close with Fire Alarm Activation - includes electric safety edge