Brush Seal Kits for Sectional and Rolling Steel Doors

Testimonial:  "I am extremely happy with the brush weatherstripping that you supplied. The fasteners you supplied were also really top-quality" Stuart G; Miami, FL

BRUSH SEALS: Heavy and Medium Duty

Heavy Duty Brush sealHEAVY-DUTY: Our most durable and longest lasting brush is made from high-quality NYLON filament brush has excellent abrasion resistance, abrasion recovery, and remains flexible and effective even down to 70°F below zero!  Perfect for high cycle applications and where the best is required . Brushes comes in crimped nylon filament lengths from 1.5" to 5" long and with varous holder configurations and lengths to fit your application.  


Medium duty brush sealMEDIUM-DUTY: Our cost effective solution with durable, and high-quality Polypropylene or POLYPRO filament brush has excellent stiffness when wet and good abrasion resistance and bend recovery. Brush and holders are specifically designed for sealing hangar, bifold, hydraulic, and coordinated roll-up doors.  Brushes come in crimped polypropylene filament with filament lengths from 1.5" to 4" long. Brushes are available from our stock in a variety of lengths and holder configurations. 


self tapping self drilling fasteners

 FASTENERS: All brush seals come with 1/8" x 5/8" self-drilling / self-tappking fasteners to complete the installation.