Brush Seal Kits for Sectional and Rolling Steel Doors

Testimonial:  "I am extremely happy with the brush weatherstripping that you supplied. The fasteners you supplied were also really top-quality" Stuart G; Miami, FL

Brush Seals: Heavy and Medium Duty

Heavy-duty Brush Seal, 180degree Aluminum Holder

Heavy-duty Nylon Brush Seal - DOUBLE thickness of our Med-duty: Our durable, and high-quality nylon filament has excellent abrasion resistance, abrasion recovery, and remains flexible and effective even down to 70°F below zero! Rugged aluminum holders, in a clear finish, securely hold the nylon filament. Heavy-Duty comes in a crimped nylon filament with brush lengths from 1.5" to 5" long with a straight holder and 8ft lengths to fit your application.

Medium-duty Brush Seal, 180degree Aluminum Holder


Medium-Duty Nylon Brush Seal: Nylon brush has excellent abrasion resistance, bend recovery, and is ideal for both wet and dry enviorments. Medium-duty Brush comes in crimped Nylon filament with filament lengths from 1.5" to 4" long with a straight holder and 4ft and 8ft lengths to fit your application. 


self tapping self drilling fasteners

 FASTENERS: All brush seals come with 1/8" x 5/8" self-drilling / self-tappking fasteners to complete the installation.